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The origins of ZootRock began with a simple frustration. A frustration that unfortunately still exists in todays age of social media marketing. A frustration due to lack of time, but also limited resources. Content discovery was that frustration and, it still is for many social media marketers today.
Let's face it, content discovery isn't easy; especially if you're expected to be churning out new, fresh, 'unique' content on the daily. Enter: ZootRock. The only service that automates content discovery and makes it easy for you to increase engagement and brand awareness. It's true the idea of content discovery automation may seem like a difficult problem to solve and let us tell you - it is!
But, after dealing with the disappointments that accompanied outsourcing these tasks to 'social media consultants' who weren't delivering any results and were pricey, we knew there had to be a better way. A better way to not only automate content discovery, but a better way to increase engagement, and a better way to get more fans and followers on auto-pilot.
It is our hope, our desire and our goal to provide you with the highest quality service that aids you in automating content discovery, engaging with more fans and followers, and increasing brand awareness.

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Audrey Melnik
Founder and CEO
Sergey Kalaus

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