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ZootRock sources the best content on over 300 topics, what we call "Curated Streams".  
We then present this content as suggested posts to your social media channels. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

We current post content out to the following channels:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Profiles
  • LinkedIn Company Pages
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • RSS
Absolutely. Your content suggestions, what we call "zoots", are populated into your My Zoots page. Every day you'll receive an email reminding you that you have new zoots to review. Simply go to your My Zoots page and edit any of the content in your zoots. You can choose to Post it Now, Post it Later or Skip.
We understand the importance of avoiding posting a competitor's content. That's why we introduced Filters. With Filters you can add a domain name that you want to exclude content from. You can also use Filters to avoid content with certain words that don't apply to your business. As time progresses, you can add to this list more and more when you notice zoots that don't apply to your business.
Auto-pilot is a great feature for us busy people that don't have a lot of time to devote to social media. But with great power comes great responsibility! Before you switch to auto-pilot, make sure the content coming out of those streams is very spot on and you've added filters to exclude unwanted content. That way you won't get any surprises!
Great question. When you set up your content settings, you'll choose a bunch of Curated Streams on topics relevant to your business. Someone else in your industry might be doing the same. Does this mean you get the same zoots? Actually, no. We make sure to spread out all the great content so you're not getting the same content as the next guy. Of course if something is trending wildly, it will like show up in yours and others' zoots, but it's also being posted out by loads of other people around the internet too. There are other things you can do to enhance the individuality of your content. Add some keyphrases, that are unique to your business. This will extract the trending articles in your space for that specific phrase.
Yes, we already have a bunch of Curated Streams available in Spanish and Portuguese. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can request that we create one for you in your language of choice for $25 per topic.
Go to this page to submit your blog. We'll get back to after we have reviewed your blog!

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