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Office 365

Insert your own call-to-action Overlay into any link you share

Share an article from a third party like Time.com, and you can place your own ad on the screen.

It's too easy!  Now you are really driving traffic to your site from social.

Connect to different landing pages for each topic, so you can target different market segments or products.

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Customize your Overlay


Choose between a large format pop up overlay or a leaderboard format at the bottom of the page.

Drive traffic to your site or make money by displaying your Adsense Ads into the Overlay.

Catch the eye with an animated gif or a standard image.

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Embed SignUp Forms, Videos and Polls into your Overlays

Want more than just Overlay Ads?Integrate with other tools to enhance your Overlays with different types of Calls-to-Action:

 Surveys: Display your SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo and Pick1 Surveys (and more!) from your links.

 Embed Lead and Newsletter Signup forms from Marketo, Mailchimp and other tools.

 Videos - Include Youtube & Vimeo videos


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Amplify your reach via your partners and customers!

Do you want to leverage the social media accounts of your partners and customers to get the word out about your brand?

 We'll help you send an offer out that no-one could refuse!  You offer free ZootRock accounts and get your brand on other people's social media posts!  


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Speedy, Original Content Creation

Create Original Content in less than 5 minutes with our WordPress Channel.

 Curate and Compile Content into Lists for your WordPress Blog.  

 Engage with Instagram users by profiling their pics in a "Top 5" style blog post.

 Automatically tweet to them that you featured them.


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Track Clicks and Conversions


Gain insights to continuously optimize your content and overlay settings with our analytics dashboard.

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A plethora of Content options

Don't have enough content to share?  ZootRock helps you find fresh and trending, relevant content for your audience.

 Choose from our 300 Curated Streams, or add a specific phrase into a Keyphrase Stream for more niche content.  

 Filter out content based on words or domains.

 Add your own blog and any of your other favorite blogs.

 Set up recurring marketing messages so you are always promoting your business.

 Create your own original one-off posts like you would via Buffer or HootSuite

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Caters to many types of Customers

Our solutions serve many different types of Customers.  Some of these include:

 Small to Medium sized Businesses

 Enterprise Businesses

 Affiliate Marketers


 Blogging Networks

 Marketing Agencies

 Artists & Performers

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