Expand the reach of your blog by joining a Syndicate!

What is a Syndicate?

  • A Syndicate is a group of bloggers in the same industry that share each other’s blog posts on social media.

  • Every additional person in a Syndicate increases the strength of your reach by 16% and saves you 10 minutes each week.

  • Stop sending out emails asking people to retweet your blog posts, automate it with a Syndicate instead!



Share. Get Shared.

  1. Select a Syndicate to Join.
  2. Add your Blog's details.
  3. Receive an email that you're approved.
  4. Start sharing other's content.
  5. See others sharing your content.

Create your own.

  1. Enter your Syndicate details and apply.
  2. Receive an email that your Syndicate is approved.
  3. Start sharing and inviting others.
  4. Approve requests to join your syndicate.
  5. Reap the benefits of others sharing your content.

Watch this video to see how Syndicates work.


Join a Syndicate

Find a Blogging Syndicate in your niche and apply to join it.  If approved, your blog posts will be shared by others in the syndicate increasing your reach by 16% for every person in the Syndicate!


Frequently Asked Questions

Each Syndicate is different; the Leader may have specific requirements regarding quality, frequency of posts and the type of content they are looking for.
ZootRock doesn't charge any fees to join a Syndicate. However you must have a ZootRock account to join a Syndicate. Your Syndicate leader may apply an additional charge outside of ZootRock. ZootRock doesn't bear any responsibility for this charge.
This will vary between Syndicates and will likely grow over time.
Absolutely. Your content suggestions, what we call "zoots", are populated into your My Zoots page. Every day you'll receive an email reminding you that you have new zoots to review. Simply go to your My Zoots page and edit any of the content in your zoots. You can choose to Post it Now, Post it Later or Skip.
You have a number of options here:
  1. You can skip the content if it seems like a one-off.
  2. You can filter out the source of the content if it seems like a consistent issue with a certain author.
  3. You can contact the Syndicate leader to resolve it.


Not Seeing a Syndicate for you?

Create your own Syndicate and set your own terms, invite who you want.

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