Integrate Lead Forms, Surveys, Videos and more by Integrating with tools like Hubspot, MailChimp & SurveyMonkey!

    This is our most powerful feature yet! Insert Signup Forms, Surveys and more into your Overlays to capture Social Media Users. Learn more here.

    New WordPress Channel and Instagram Stream

    We have a brand new Channel for you! With our Wordpress Channel you're able to create new blog posts in under 5 minutes. Create original content and engage with Instagrammers by curating their Instagram photos into a Top 5 Blog Post. Learn more here.

    Facebook integration updates and more!

    Just another busy week at ZootRock! We’ve made some changes to align with Facebook’s new rules as well as improvements to Syndicates and new content curation for Australia and Brazil. Learn more here.

    Recurring Zoots Enhancements!

    Now you can add images to Recurring Zoots, copy them across to other Channels and you can populate Recurring Zoots wih your Blog Posts! Learn more here.

    Advanced Content editing capabilities with our new Zoot Dialog!

    Change and upload images, create original zoots and select overlays. Learn more here.

    Prioritize and Filter content by Country and Language!

    Don't be left behind any more if you need content that isn't from the US or isn't in English. Learn more here.

    Bit.ly Integration!

    Now you can connect your own Bit.ly account for bit.ly analytics and share content through your own unique short URL.

    Share your own Original Content!

    You asked for it and we delivered. Add your own original zoots to your content line-up. Get rid of your other social media tools that do that!

    Improved Keyphrases!

    We've improved our keyphrase search to support phrases inside quotes.  If you want content that includes only words in specific phrases make sure to put quotes around them and we'll make sure to only return content that has these wors next to each other.

    New Pricing including a Free Plan!

    We've launched brand new pricing!  Not to worry if you're already a ZootRock customer, you'll stay on your old pricing until you want to take advantage fo some great features on our higher price plan or if you choose to switch to the free plan.  That's right, we now have a free plan.  Our new pricing introduces 3 tiers plus custom pricing for businesses who want a large number of channels.  Each of our great new features, like Overlays, Syndicates and Retargeting is available on certain plans. Check out the new pricing here.

    Register for a ZootRock account with your email!

    In addition to signing up for a ZootRock account with your twitter or facebook account, now you can sign up with your email address.
    More in this update:
    - we totally redid our external website, looks much nicer!
    - we restructured the My Zoots page to improve it's performance


    We're excited to announce Syndicates!  Now you can collaborate with others in your space to share each other's blog posts on social media.  Learn more.

    Large Format Overlays

    We already had Overlays.  But now we've added a new format of overlay we call Large Format.  It's a pop up overlay that scales to the size of the image you upload.  So now when someone clicks on your link, this overlay will display as a pop up on top of the destination article.

    Tweets Mentioning Authors

    Up until now, we've been including the twitter handle of the article source.  But from now on, where we can include the twitter handle of the author we'll include that - this increases the likelhood of a retweet or a favorite! 

    Overlays & Retargeting

    Happy New Year!  We're excited to launch some amazing features that will bring about better ROI for our customers on social media!  Now you can drive traffic from your website from all the links you share on social media using Overlays.  And with our retargeting feature, you can connect your AdRoll or Retargeter accounts and now anyone that clicks on your links will be a retargeting candidate!


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